Thursday, March 23, 2017

Harry Coumnas Finally Speaks About the Speculation on Creating His Own Clone

Harry Coumnas, founder of a multi millionaire pharmaceutical company was in lime light last year after some secret sources revealed his plans of creating his own clone. Last week, he called a conference to reveal the truth. Six months ago, Harry Coumnas was spotted at two different places at the same time zones. At both the places, a grand pharmaceutical meeting was held and Harry was spotted in the CCTV footage of both the conferences. 

At the press conference held yesterday outside his residence, Harry Coumnas revealed that he has created his own clone for pacing his business. Harry said “I had invested both my time and money in getting this technology. For more than 20 years, my team of researchers has worked hard to ace this technology. As I do not trust anyone when it comes to my business decisions, I came up with this idea of cloning myself. The project was worked out pretty well as nobody could distinguish between me and the clone. Right now even you cannot tell whether it is the real me or the clone. The creation of genetically identical copy of me has been done through my own DNA. Now I am definitely willing to create more clones of mine. And if the government wants any kind of information about my cloning project, I am ready to corporate.” 

Harry Coumnas’ statement has stunned people all over the world. He was renowned for his work in the medicine, but the way he has used technology for his business growth is sheer brilliance. 

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