Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Harry Coumnas, an Australian Marine Diver Has Found a Faceless Fish

Harry Coumnas, an Australian Marine diver has found a faceless fish during one of his deep sea dive explorations. Harry is an experienced deep sea diver, who along with his team of divers went on a search for old and valuable findings under the sea. It was a scientific voyage being undertaken to explore one of Australia’s oldest diving spots. Near the ocean bed, Harry and his team found a faceless fish and some undefined creatures. The long journey included surveying life under the sea bed with the help of nets, sonar, radars, and deep sea cameras. 

“It was the most unexplored areas of the ocean. There we found red spiky rock crabs, puffed up coffin fish, deep sea eels, and then came the faceless fish, which was seen before only once.  It doesn’t have eyes or a visible face and the mouth is underneath.  It is amazing to see that at such depths where there is so much darkness, there exist creatures like these.” Harry Coumnas was quotes as saying by a local newspaper. 

Harry Coumnas also told the reporters that working in such an environment was quite challenging, but he is glad as the amount of data gathered will help in understanding Australia’s deep sea habitats.    

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