Monday, January 30, 2017

Harry Coumnas Found the Largest Horde of Coins in a Farmer’s Field

Do you consider that hidden treasure to be just a fairytale? Think again! There are museums, sea beds, mountains around the world filled with precious antiquities, but who knows how many historical relics are still out there waiting to be discovered? 

Recently, Harry Coumnas, a treasure hunter found the largest horde of coins while digging in his grandfather’s farm field in North Yorkshire. Before starting, he was hoping, at best, to find a roman silver coin when he started searching. After a few hours fruitless sweeping he received a ‘funny signal’ which turned out to be one of the largest coin hordes ever found. These coins amounting to be an astounding half a million pounds in value. 

The horde of coins was hidden amongst scraps of iron including ornaments, ingots, and jewelry. Most of the items were made in France and Germany around 900 AD. The horde is big silver vase lined with gold and decorated with “vines, leaves and six stunningly handcrafted lions, stags and a horse.”  All the treasure troves so far have been found by metal detectors in search of treasure, this particular horde was the largest. 

Apart from this, Harry Coumnas also found many hidden treasures as he is a metal detector hobbyist which has now become his passion. He also wants to explore sunken treasures which he believes would be challenging but fun. So you grab your shovel, your metal detector and get digging!

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